An Open Letter from Campaign Creator Leslie Guyton


Dear Friends,

When I go to bed, I dream about the girls I met in Cambodia last month: child victims of sex slavery. I remember their sparkly little faces and the warm orange tiled rooms where they sleep now - finally safe - and wonder if tonight they're dreaming about the big future that awaits them or the horrors that preceded them. I think about all the things they need: teachers for their minds, food and healing for their bodies, love and support for their hearts.

I think about how in a way, they're lucky - lucky that they were rescued, have shelter now, and with the right support might even thrive - to become lawyers, doctors, law enforcement, educators, artists or politicians that might create a world without sex slavery.

I especially think about the girls who haven't been rescued yet. The ones who should be studying during the day and returning home to a loving family at night but instead will go to bed tonight locked in a brothel and wake up tomorrow to a continuous stream of customers.

I can't ignore that they are real - they exist in reality somewhere right now and I know I can help them. I know I can't do it alone - I could use some help.

I could use partners to help me raise money – in any way they feel inspired to do so. I could use connections to people who work for foundations, or corporations that match contributions, celebrities or social media savvy friends to help spread the word, yogis to donate the profits from a yoga class, artists who could donate the profits from a performance, women who could reach out to other women or throw a party to benefit the campaign or basically any other bright ideas that might come to your mind.

If this touches your heart and you want to get involved, send me a message or share this website on your social media. There's a girl out there who might thank you one day.


With Gratitude,
Leslie Guyton

Volunteer Creator of The Empower Hearts Campaign and Supporter of Human Trafficking Survivors Everywhere